Susan Davis Art | artist, painter, illustrator, New Yorker covers, artwork, limited edition signed prints

A Note About the Prints

Throughout the 28 months of her illness, Susan Davis never stopped trying.

She drew a number of pastels, painted several oils, and small watercolor illustrations with her left hand. She worked crossword puzzles daily to try and regain her mental acuity and vocabulary. She sketched. And, each morning she would sit and sign her initials on her prints. It was the best she could do; writing her full name was too hard, too demanding, and too tiring.

 Susan produced these prints for two reasons:
1. To enable more people to afford and acquire work of which she was most proud; and
2. As a legacy for the education of her daughter Jamie, who fulfilled her, and whom Susan drew into her work whenever possible.

The initials you see within her "chop" stamped on the prints are Susan’s.
The numbering is done by me, in accordance with her careful instructions.

Bob Barkin

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